Bramhall Lane LTC tennis ball on court ten
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Social Events
The Club runs an active Social Programme and runs a number of activities throughout the year. A number of these events are tennis related but many are purely social.
The Sports Hall
The Club hires out the Sports hall to external organisations who provide additional activities.
Activities include:
Body Control Pilates comes to Bramhall!
Body Control Pilates comes to Bramhall!
Although Rachel would be delighted to meet you at these times and answer any questions that you might have, as all new clients are individually assessed prior to starting Body Control Pilates, it would be better if you didn't turn up with a view to joining in a class immediately. Pilates is a safe, effective form of body conditioning. It works by strengthening the core postural muscles of the body, re-balancing the body and bringing it back into correct alignment. The result? A longer, leaner body and, because all exercises are done in a slow, controlled way, much longer-term results. It is also a great way of relieving unwanted stress and tension. Pilates also strengthens the deep stabilising muscles of the trunk, making it ideal for the prevention and treatment of back problems - one of the reasons why Pilates enjoys unique support from the medical profession and is at the leading edge of sports medicine today.
There is a massive demand for Pilates throughout the country and Rachel Drage, who completed her training with the Body Control PilatesĀ® Academy, has now started classes at the Bramhall Lawn Tennis Club. Importantly, class numbers are limited to twelve people so that a high level of personal supervision and tuition can be given. Rachel also teaches small groups and private lessons are also available. Rachel is a member of The Body Control PilatesĀ® Association, widely seen as a quality standard for Pilates teaching. All members of the Association adhere to a strict Code of Practice to ensure the highest teaching standards and professional ethics. Body Control PilatesĀ® teachers are also set apart by the way in which every client is assessed before starting classes and in the way that they teach exercises in a progressive way, gradually adding more complex moves, to build your strength and flexibility.

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