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Bramhall Lane LTC

A Club with history
The Club was 100 years young in 2007. It was started by a group of friends meeting for social tennis on a court marked out on a lawn belonging to a house on nearby Bramhall Lane South.
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The Club offers Tennis experience for all ages, providing three weekly Club-Nights (two Senior and one Junior) and mix-in court-time for those with a casual or gregarious nature. We have an online Court Booking system for those who need to ensure when (and with whom they play).

Tournament, Competition and Inter-Club tennis is available all-year round for those with a competitive nature. The Club runs internal singles and doubles leagues throughout the year - with regular promotions and demotions to ensure that the competitive experience is not mundane; (these leagues are based on ability not on gender).

James Turner and his team of full-time professional coaches are available all year round to give advice and provide coaching for all abilities.

What More Do We Offer?  
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Wimbledon Tickets
Because of its LTA affiliation, the Club receives an allocation of Wimbledon tickets each year based on the number of LTA "British Tennis" members who are also members of the Club. These are made available for purchase to members by means of a draw. If you are interested (and a British Tennis member) then sign the list in the clubhouse, indicating which tickets you would prefer. The list is posted in April with the draw-taking place towards the end of May. British Tennis membership is free for affiliated club members, such as ourselves - apply here.
To trigger the floodlights for the courts special cards are available for purchase. Each card provides ½ an hour lighting and the lights are automatically switched off at 10.00p.m. If there is any problem with the lights or grounds please advise a committee member or the Club Coach.
Tennis Balls
Balls are provided for inter-club matches, tournament finals and Club Nights. Members should buy tennis balls for their own personal use. The Club Coach supplies a variety of 'New' tennis balls for purchase, by members, at preferential rates. The Coach also provides a racket re-stringing setvice and other items for sale (e.g. grips, vibration dampeners, etc.)
Club News Service
The Club produces regular News bulletins to members via email. If a member has any item that they feel could be included in a "NewsByte" then please feel free to contact a Committee member.
Other Activities
The Club does not neglect the off-court activities. It offers a wide range of Social events throughout the calendar year and the Micro Sports Hall is utilised for a wide range of activities.